Ozzie Ausband


Corbin Harris - tailslide

Corbin Harris. Al Brunelle. Arto Saari, Andrew Peters and me… Pool Mission. It was July 30th. It was very hot. I think that the temperature was somewhere in the 105 degree range. By eleven am, we were dying. Sometimes, when we skate out here, we can ride and drink a ton of water and I will only pee once the entire day. The heat takes everything… Dehydration.

Al Brunelle, Arto, Corbin and me... down in the hole

Corbin getting his hands dirty

Arto Saari- back D

Al Brunelle - back Smith

Arto came out and brought a crew. We bucketed an old favorite, checked a few new ones and even hit up a pretty cool street spot on the way in between pools. Skateboarders view the world differently. Where others see obstacles, we see opportunities. They say, “I can’t.” We take the ’T’ off the end and do something about it. I think we may have to reinvent the language of life. We are not like them. Opposites. Individuals. Spontaneous. Free.

"Hey! Pull over right here...!"

I have no business being at a street spot.

Arto Saari- front feeble

Thanks to Andrew Peters for the images. Skate and hydrate- Ozzie