Ozzie Ausband

the promise

Her hair was piled up silky & dark. It spilled over her shoulders. Her red lips curled like flame & her mouth hinted at the promise of more than words. I glanced at her eyes. They were like wet jewels. Her walk was a mockery itself... I looked away lest I succumb to her charms. I pushed hard & my skateboard moved me past her on the sidewalk & rapidly away from my weakness. Further down the street, a boarded-up house greeted my roving eyes.  The sun-baked, curling edge of a pool slide jutted above the concrete edge of the property. It was a beacon. Salvation found within. I hopped the wall. It was perfection. It glittered like a thieves dreams. It was a Blue Haven. It offered up endless possibilities & promise. The Blue Haven lady would take only what I could give & never concerned herself with trivialities & nonsense. Decision. I hesitated not one moment. I plunged right in. A perfect marriage. Thanks to Brandon Wong for everything. Skate- Ozzie