Ozzie Ausband

Duane Peters - Guest Post

Duane- shallow double trucker while Barry Shannon & Kenny Mackillroy look on.

 Duane Peters “I lived in Costa Mesa, Ca. We were riding all the junky hotels that couldn’t afford to keep water in the pools during the late 70s drought . One day our crew was riding Porno Bowl in Mesa Verde (many Porns were made at the pad) and this dude named Kenny Mackillroy said he had a pool in his backyard but it was full of algae and shit water but his dad said we could drain it. Right off  of 18th Street– in between Monrovia and Placentia close to where the Volcom Offices are– was an old house that was the ‘Munster- looking’ place on the southside of the street. The house had his older parents that just watched TV and couldn’t hear !”

Duane- Mackillroys

“We all met the next morning at the pool with buckets, shovels and brooms. No pump ! The pool was filled almost to the top with pure shit water. It had a 10 foot deep end and a 4 foot shallow with no tile that came almost to vert.  It made the coping really stick out.  The transitions  were all home made pond style with a real quick bump– that angled– then just bent to almost vert.  It was like 3 kinks to coping ! Hey - that sounds like a good video title ! We started at 6:00  or 7:00  in the morning and by 7:00  that evening we were finally riding this fucker. The best part was watching the shallow end become exposed with its killer trannys. It was so good that you could ride the shallow like a mini ramp, double carve and then go into deep from there ! This was the first rideable shallow end I’d ever rode and the pool was rideable for about 3 years.”

Duane Peters

“It went through a few periods where nobody could ride for  awhile,  because of beer and weed or something.  His parents would take the pool away for awhile but they always gave it back because it kept us all out of trouble.  Kenny’s parents died and the place was leveled.  There are warehouses on the site now !  Several of those warehouses belong to  skateboard and clothing companies.  They  probably have no idea that they’re located on Indian Pool Burial Grounds ! ”  - Duane Peters

Thank you to Duane Peters for the memories and images. Skate- Ozzie