Ozzie Ausband

Zarosh / Baldy



“I lived in San Diego after moving down from Monterey. I would skate with Brian Fick, Doug Kinkade and other people. Doug was always great to skate with because we’d end up riding ten things on the weekend. I like that. I remember Gator having a photograph from Mt. Baldy on a Vision Skateboards calendar back in like 1988 or something. He was doing an ollie out of the pipe. I always wanted to ride there. I’ve always had a soft spot for old sacred skate places that have longevity. Well, Brian Fick, Doug and I all drove out there from San Diego. We walked out to the spillway and there was water flowing through the pipe. We couldn’t really skate. On the way out, I climbed up on the spillway roof and just tried dropping in it. It was difficult because of the uphill grade and all. We did it a few times so I could roll away. I got what I wanted and Brian got the shot. I want to give a special thanks to Salba for keeping Baldy alive all these years.” - Zarosh


Thank you to Zarosh for his memories and Brian Fick for the photographs. Skate- Ozzie