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Back in the Day / David Hackett

David Hackett / Reseda

David Hackett

“There really is nothing that describes an ‘era gone by’ better than ‘Back in the Day’!  In every sport, art, pastime, and act that was worthy of devoting your heart, soul, mind, spirit and which defined your very being – when you were young – can be described as ‘Back in the Day’.  This photo represents that time period for me. In fact, as I’m writing this, I had to listen to Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love’ with the volume cranked up to ELEVEN, just to feel that vibe again. I think I was about sixteen in this photo and I’d been hanging out with Jay Adams, Tony Alva, Steven Picciolo and Wentzle Ruml quite a bit. We were riding pools like Canyon Pool, Rabbit Hole, Arthur Lake’s and the Keyhole in Beverly Hills. This photo was shot by Bill Sharp at the newly-opened Reseda Skatepark, during a heated night session where ALL the boys were present and ripping.”

“Barriers were being destroyed by the minute! This is in the second bowl and its a high speed ‘One Wheeler’. This was a big move at that time. We used to try and ‘One Wheel’  EVERYTHING back in the day! This photo is a real time capsule in terms of the equipment too. I was given that deck by Tony Alva, and he rode it for probably a couple weeks testing it for his soon to be released ALVA SKATES company. The first concept was to have a “Model “A”, and a Model “T”- This was the first Model “T” Prototype. An 8.5 x 33” solid oak deck with routed out wheel wells, set up with state of the art Bennett Hijackers and Road Rider 4’s. Tony drew the Swastika, not in a racist gesture, but as a big middle finger to anybody that would be offended by it. Maximum Shock Value!  Jay Adams loved to do that kind of thing as well. Back in the Day… We got away with a bunch of shit!  Anything was possible.” - David Hackett

We will be posting Guest Posts from some of the skaters in the book ‘Back in the Day’ in the weeks leading up to our Saturday December 16 launch and book signing at the original Jeff Ho Zephyr shop in Santa Monica. It is now called Dogtown Coffee. Books will be available for purchase that day. William Sharp and I are excited and hope to see everyone there. We will also be having a book signing at Val Surf in January. Details to follow. Thank you to David Hackett for the memories and William Sharp for the previously unpublished image. Skate - Ozzie