Ozzie Ausband

Nike - Back For The Future

So…  it goes like this. I was at Lance’s one day in September. He told me that he has to attend this Nike event in Los Angeles and I decide to go along as well. Lance said that he really wasn’t sure what the deal was. They were keeping it hush- hush. We figured that –at the very least– we could stand around and laugh a bunch. We drive to LA and see the place. Streets are blocked. A line of platinum people stretches around the block. Lance is seen by security and we are whisked inside ahead of everyone. The place is a zoo! There is a huge sign on the marquee- ‘Back For The Future’ and the Delorean car from the movie ‘Back To The Future’ sits out front under hot spotlights. It turns out that Nike is releasing the MAG ‘moon boots’ worn by Marty McFly and all the money will go to Parkinson’s research.

Ahhh…  we get it! Lance and I mingle, act silly, eat Nerds candy and laugh quite a bit…  There was a green screen set up and staff were taking pictures of people standing on a ‘hoverboard’. Lance dared me so… up I went! This is the evidence.  When we saw this photograph, we laughed and laughed…  now you can too.

The first pair were auctioned and that really sealed the deal for me. Lance kept trying to get me to bid at 10,000 dollars just because it would’ve been rad to be able to say that I did it but knowing my luck… I would’ve been stuck as the last bidder. Instigator. Lance swore the bidding would go much higher! He was right. I think that they went for 37,000 bucks! Dang! Michael J. Fox had a video address and DJ’s played, people gave talks and money was raised. All-in-all,  it was pretty cool. I came upon these pictures today and had a laugh. I just thought I’d share the funny evening with you…  Ozzie