Ozzie Ausband

skateboard madness?

In the late 1970s, many things were odd & appeared peculiar. Disco, clothing, hair styles & the movie,‘Skateboard Madness’. Another thing going on, was a group of skaters that traveled around in flamboyant costumes & performed regularly. If I recall, it was strange. It was like the ‘Ice Capades’ on wheels. Anyway, the only ‘madness’ I can think of that corresponds with ‘skateboarding’, is the madness associated with those that QUIT. If I recall correctly, Tony Jetton played a part in the traveling show while wearing a costume and performing. He also did this Chinese restaurant opening demo in downtown Los Angeles. Jim Goodrich told me that he thought it was called the ‘Beef Bowl.’ That sounds funny to me for some reason. Anyway, if someone quits skating, it would definitely seem like ‘madness’ to me. I understand the weight of responsibility, the unrelenting burden instilled by the nagging tongues of women, and feeling the need to ‘grow up’. I know. I have been through it. But, to quit something that is so special makes no sense. If you’ve quit, dust off your board & get back out there. There are skate parks everywhere. Roll around & rediscover why you started in the first place. Thanks to Jim Goodrich for the image.  Skate-Ozzie