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Dennis Martinez / Guest Post


Dennis Martinez

Wow! This photograph takes me back to the summer of 1978 at Skateboard Heaven in Spring Valley, California. It was the time in which everyone was making the move from narrow to wide boards. The evolution of skateboard decks was happening. Pineapple and I were sharing the G&S Team Rider board, but once the wider boards were developed and proven to be better, all skaters immediately switched over. What’s crazy about this photograph is that I’ve always been a strong believer in safety equipment. I can’t recall too many photographs of me riding without any safety equipment at all. So to me, this is a very rare image captured by Glen Friedman at Spring Valley. No pads, no helmet, tongue out… I’m digging the SkateBoarder Magazine head band too. Can you guess I was aiming for a shot in the magazine?

Thank you to Dennis Martinez for the words and Glen E. Friedman for the image. Skate - Ozzie

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