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Lance Mountain - Guest Post / Bones Brigade

George Orton, Ray Bones Rodriguez and Lance Mountain- Whittier


Skateboarding is like anything else that has been built. It has a footing and a foundation that everything else is built upon. These footings and foundations are in the ground and out of sight. They are there… but go virtually unseen. The support beams and load-bearing walls are built upon these and without them, the structure would topple. Our generation of skateboarders just happen to be the decorative windows, walls, lumber and doors that were exposed to the masses as the structure was finished. Our generation was followed by a fresh coat of paint and an entire remodel by the generation that followed. I think that our generation of skateboarders have been blessed to be at the right place in the right time. Stacy Peralta is releasing the Bones Brigade documentary and – as it was with the Dogtown documentary – it is a moving, inspiring film that much can be taken from. I believe it will move many. At the same time,  I know that our documentary may be offensive to some of our inner circle that came before us and for the many that were skating and developing right beside us. This documentary is not made to diminish or overshadow the contributions of these riders. It is simply a glimpse into a few of us and the start that allowed us to continue on in skateboarding everyday since.

Ray Bones Rodriguez

My first thoughts were, “How can I be a part of a film about the Bones Brigade without the stories of Ray Bones Rodriguez, Jay Smith, Scott Foss, David Z and Teddi Bennett?”  These guys were the Bones Brigade in my eyes. This is meant as no disrespect to the others that were first. As the film started to come together, we realized quickly that it could be a never ending story. So it became a personal glimpse into our six lives and not a piece on the entire team or a history of everyone up to that time. I want to give my respect to the ones that came before and laid the foundation and building blocks to everything I love. They were the generation that pioneered and started everything.

Steve Monahan

The first names I knew when I started skateboarding were: Gregg Weaver, Ed Nadalin, Steve Monahan, who had the first printed image that captured my imagination, Henry Hester, Russ Howell, Ty Page, Chris Chaput, Bobby Boyden, Chris Yandell, Tom Sims, The Logan’s and Torger Johnson. I learned that these previously mentioned skaters were heavily influenced by: The Hilton brothers,  Danny Bearer, Skip Fry. Then there were some of the first pool riders: Waldo Autry, Mike Weed, Lonnie Toft, Doug Saladino, Dennis Martinez, Gregg Ayres,  Tom Inouye, Chris Strople. Kevin ‘Worm’ Anderson, who was the first skater that I saw ride fakie/switch foot.  Then there were the girls:  Laura Thornhill, was the first girl I saw skate at Montebello skatepark, Desiree Von Essen, Ellen O’ Neal, Vicki Vickers, Kim Cespedes, Peggy Oki, my favorite Terri Lawrence, all of the Dogtowner’s, Arthur Lake, Paul Hoffman, Steve Picciolo, the Hackett brothers, Darren Ho, the photographers: Bolster, Cassimus, Stecyk, Friedman, Goodrich, Fineman, the Sharp brothers, Wynn Miller, Terribone and  Hal Jepson. I have to thank the skaters who were team guys as well,  looking for and taking care of the young new skatepark kids:  Steve Cathey, Mike Johnson and Greg Tai. I must mention the early films: Magic Rolling Board, Super Sessions and Freewheelin.

Kevin 'The Worm' Anderson- Pink Motel/FishBowl

Darrell Miller

There were also the Kona Boys, Jeff Tatum –who we can thank for the backside no handed aerial, Gunnar Haugo- for the Gunnair, Murrey Estes and Marty Smith. Thank you. Then there were the Hester contest skaters. This is where it all came undone. Jerry Valdez, Kent Senatore, Doug Schneider, Lee Gahmier, Rick Blackhart, Scott Parsons, Eric Halverson, Tay Hunt, Kurt Talbott, Steve Olson, Bobby Valdez -a special thanks, Danny Mini Shred Smith, Doug De Montmorency, Scott Dunlop, Brad Bowman- in a class of his own, Howard Hood, Lonnie Hiramoto, Arthur Viecco, Art Dicky, Shreddi Repas and all the contest winners: Steve Alba, Micke Alba, Eddie Elguera, Dave Andrecht, Peter Gifford, Bert Lamar, Duane Peters, Ray Bones Rodriguez -who gave me some of my first free decks, Darrell Miller -the next to hook me up with boards, George Orton-who offered me a spot on the team, and many thanks to Steve Hirsch, Eric Grisham, Allen Losi, and Gil Losi who gave me my first Pro sponsorship.

Eric Grisham

Billy Ruff complete stolen from Todd Huber during the filming of the Bones Brigade Documentary. Whoever you are... Please return it.

I won’t forget Billy Ruff who was dominating and winning all the contest the first few years as skateboarding was really developing into what it is. This is what the Blue Tile Obsession is for. It is a place to see and hear your stories. It would be awesome to go down the list and hear what they are all doing and read their foundational list, recollections and stories. Without you, my world would’ve collapsed. Sometimes the best guy has the photo on the backside of the centerfold. - Lance Mountain