Ozzie Ausband


Lance Mountain hanging in the jaws of life.

Lance Mountain hanging in the jaws of life.

I have two very good friends. Ray Zimmerman and Christian Cooper. They aren’t the type of friends that one could ever consider with carelessness or an offhand wave. “Oh, they’re just friends.” They are the kind of guys that go out of their way for others. They give constantly. True blue. When a douche bag is talking shit about one of their friends, they put the dude in check. Real talk. These two friends saw what was going on in skateboarding and decided to start their own deal.  DEFECT MAG


They wanted to create an APP that was a skateboard magazine. Skateboarding through their eyes. They worked and worked. Long hours. No support. Less money. Family squabbles. No one believed… except a very select few. DEFECT MAG was born. It is really rad and really inexpensive. It costs less than a stupid vente shmente carnal probiotomy at Smarmucks. Just click on the link, buy it and experience some of the best, creative new skateboarding content available. Support real dudes. Thanks. Skate and support your friends.- Ozzie