Ozzie Ausband

'Big Day Out' with Riverside Shawn & Ed.

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gomez- fs air.[/caption]

TA, Gomez, Ozzie, Sean Mazzo & Ed poolside.

TA & me


Mike Early

Ed, Mike, Shawn & TA

Sean Mazza- fs lightbox

Tony Alva

Sunday is always ‘Big Day Out’. The crew changes but the goal remains the same. We gather some like-minded pool pals & hit a concrete church somewhere. We take the fun away & leave only wheel marks behind when we leave. Riverside Shawn & Ed have had a tight scene for more than a few years. They have several ‘permission’ pools, but don’t share with just anybody. That is why they have good pools for long periods of time. They are nice to people & treat the owners with respect. Those are good rules to follow & have served them well. We had a blast today. Tony Alva, Mike Early, Sean Mazza & Gomez joined us, for a permission session in an old favorite. Its on ‘lockdown’…so don’t even try! Thank you to Shawn & Ed for the images & EVERYTHING! Thank you to Mike Early for images as well. Skate & respect others.-Ozzie