Ozzie Ausband

Pathogenic pool.

[caption id=“attachment_3660” align=“aligncenter” width=“450” caption=“Peter Hewitt- FS grind -shallow stairs 'wedding cake'”]


me- fs box

pathogenic pool

Riverside Shawn works in construction. He found this filthy little nugget on a Tuesday. By Friday, He & Ed had the water out of it. I received a phone call early Sunday morning from Salba. “Where are you?” I told him what was going on & he directed me to meet up with him and,  ”….bring buckets & gloves dude.” Myself, Ed & Shawn drove over & started pulling debris out of this ghetto ‘Blue Haven’ with Salba , Billy & Adam.

This boarded-up, abandoned disaster was right out of the ‘California Apocalypse’. You cannot fathom just how filthy this pool was! The meth-heads & squatters had pulled the copper & innards out of every single appliance in the area, throwing it into the pool. There were wires, diapers, concrete slabs from the ‘cool deck’, bottles, cans, tires, ‘tupperware’ containers of rotting food & bloated disintegrating “somethings” in the black water. It was a tangled profusion of detritus. I would pull on a snarl of wire & debris, and muck would fly all over the place. We gave up, trying to stay remotely disease-free.

It was going to be one of those days. I heard a noise & looking up, saw Tony Trujillo, Rick Charnoski & Peter Hewitt saunter into the backyard. Peter Hewitt took one hard look at the pool & quipped, “I don’t think you want to fall while skating in there.” Salba directed everyone, tasks were handled & slowly the pool became clean. Adam 12 & Sean Mazza, borrowed buckets of clean water from a neighbor. We washed it down & everyone removed their shirts to ‘fan-dry’ the pool.

The blow-by-blow; Peter Hewitt- FS lightbox, shallow stairs FS and Mach5 were achieved. Salba-FS lightbox, side stairs & lightbox/cess/bs box. Damn! Adam 12- shallow stairs BS. Bad Billy- BS lightbox. Sean Mazza- destroyer lines, lightbox. Trujillo- Ipod/earplugs/cheering. Charnoski- nursing hangover with 3 hrs sleep/bleary eyed. Me- FS box, BS air. It was super fun…but I am still waiting to look down & see my skin dissolving from some strange new bacteria, found only in the ‘pathogenic pool.’ Thanks to Ed for the images. Skate & carry hand sanitizer. Ozzie