Ozzie Ausband

Jim Goodrich.

[caption id=“attachment_3792” align=“aligncenter” width=“450” caption=“Goodrich & Gator watching Caballero at Del Mar- 1980.“]


Gator- Arizona- early 1980s
Jim Goodrich has photographed many of skateboardings early stars & icons. Jim started -graciously- sending me images for use on ‘Blue Tile Obsession’, along with Grant Brittain, Ray Zimmerman, Glenn E. Friedman, Bryce Kanights, Peter King & others. I am fortunate indeed & thank them at every opportunity. Their photographic images help raise the level of any project.

Yesterday, Jim celebrated a birthday & I felt it appropriate to send him our-collective- appreciation for his years of hard work & talent. He started skateboarding in 1976, and later that year, fractured his arm & wrist. He told me that he began photographing his skate pals while recovering. Discovering the La Costa skate scene in late 1976, led him to meet Warren Bolster. He showed a few of his images to Warren & had his first photograph published in the summer of 1977. The image was of Doug ‘Pineapple’ Saladino on a street ramp.

Six months later, Jim found himself hired as a staff photographer for ‘Skateboarder’ magazine, in January 1978. He photographed many of our sports early contests & riders during this time period. He continued working until ‘Skateboarder’ changed its name to ‘Action Now’  and Jim moved on in May 1980. He became ‘Team Manager’ at ‘GullWing’ & eventually -in 1985- became the editor at ‘TransWorld Skateboarding’ magazine. Jim Goodrich & his contribution to skateboarding is incomparable. Thank You Jim- Happy Birthday. Thank you to Jim Goodrich & the late-Craig Fineman (R.I.P.) for the images. Skate-Ozzie