Ozzie Ausband

Apres moi, le deluge.

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Sam promoting ‘le deluge’.

early bird gets the worm

Michael Serna Jr. & I , drove to Orange County the other day. We met up with Josh Borden, Salba & Billy, to ride the Combi pool. It rained in a torrent. On the way home, we never went faster than 55mph. Cars were spinning out. It was a flood & it made me think. “Apres moi, le deluge.”  This quote has been attributed to the King of France- Louis XV. It means, “After me, catastrophe.” In 1997, San Diego resident, Andrew Cunanan, went on a cross-country murder binge…a ‘three month fever’. In this short span, he took the lives of five wonderful people before taking his own, to avoid accountability. Why do I tell you this? Well, a few years before, Andrew had written in his high school yearbook, the very quote, written above.  It seems he lived up to it. In his self-centered & ego-maniacal fashion, he was a catastrophe. His life was of a destructive nature. Conversely, when this quote is applied to me, it can be translated as, “After me, the flood.” However, mine is of a constructive nature. I drain pools. Although I flood the streets & gutters, I help make the air safe from smells & mosquitoes, and create a place where we can express ourselves…honestly. Bruce Lee stated that,  ”…the true self is discovered in honestly expressing ourselves & our nature.”  I think that I believe that very thing. It is only in self-expression, that we are who we really are. Thanks to Mark ‘Peanut’ Phillips for a few of the  images.Skate long & just be yourself! -Ozzie

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