Ozzie Ausband

Two for Tuesday.

Some days simply require a dose of ‘style’. Today will be one of those days. The fashion- conscious public out there, have their ‘style’ & so do we.  I see people continuously concerned with the way they look & appear before others. I find myself wandering the world in rags & following the threads of my fate. I peer at the sun rising every morning & greet the day like a long- lost friend. I smell coffee & am glad to be alive. Once you get older, you become aware of your own mortality & the general decline that’s about to annihilate the umbrella of denial we live under. With the recent loss of Baby Paul Cullen & Bob Biniak, I have done quite a bit of ruminating on life. When I worked as an RN, I saw death frequently. It was a daily companion; a skulking shadow that followed me like a plague. I was intimate with dying and I never developed too much comfort with it. I saw people die & all the things they bought, wore & reveled in, were of no help, when the darkness called. Their ‘style’ meant nothing. It seemed that many were concerned with the outside only. I don’t know why I write the things that I do. I am not sure that anyone cares. In my life, I have found that ‘what we are inside’… changes little. As we grow older our concerns are different, but we basically stay the same. If you have a strong sense of morality, you will remain thus. If not, then Tsk Tsk. Chris Miller is a nice, positive person. Thank the gods, Chris is the way he is. He has ‘style’….on the inside. Thanks to JGrant Brittain for the images. Skate Long/Skate Strong-Ozzie