Ozzie Ausband

Brian Whitney.

[caption id=“attachment_1936” align=“aligncenter” width=“450” caption=“Brian before the debacle…”]


Bryan- FS Tailslide into shallow
On my birthday, this guy shows up with some pool pals. He lives in Upland/Ontario area and skates …like he’s on fire! I mean, the guy tore the shit out of the place. He just rolled into the pool & destroyed. Padless & fearless, he ruled every run. Halfway through the festivities, I was grilling burgers for the masses, when I heard a howl of panic & pain from the drain area of the pool. PK yelled at me, “Man down!” and I bolted into the pool. Brian lay there holding his knee & leg at an awkward angle….grimacing and in obvious distress. Being an RN, I felt along his knee and immediately noted that…well, Brian was plenty fucked! We got him iced, heavily medicated with Motrin & man-beverages, then positioned him in a chair- poolside. He spent the rest of the session, cheering folks on & self-medicating. He was taken to the doctors office and the diagnosis came back—torn ACL in knee. Get better Brian. You rule…pool pal! Thank you to Peter King for the images.Skate-Ozzie