Ozzie Ausband

Something's always wrong.

Valentines is crawling slowly by. I mark its time & heartlessly send it on its way. I hiss my viciousness at the very word… “love.”  When I started the ‘Blue Tile Obsession’, I swore to myself that I would be -ruthlessly- honest & stay true to myself & the love of skateboarding. I have done exactly that & today will be no different. The sun is setting & darkness stalks on noiseless feet. My heart remains bitter. I am protected by my own indignation. I notice people going through the motions. I scoff at their attempts to wrap themselves in the cheap foil & wrapping paper known as ‘love’. In my life, there exists no such thing. Weapons I say. Love is a weapon consisting of sex & money. I no longer wish to cross swords with a woman. Call me a pussy; I care not. Almost every single problem that I have ever had, can be laid at the feet of a woman. Adolf Hitler stated that, “Misery is a female.” Although, I am not sure I want to agree with anything Adolf Hitler said…I certainly must take that one into consideration. In my life, women are the enemy & I battle them no longer. I read somewhere that, “There are three kinds of men who do not understand women; young, old, and middle-aged.” I must concur. With a woman in my life, something is always wrong. Thanks to MRZ for the image of Johnny Abernathy doing something that is ‘always’ right: skating. By -the -way, save the comments. I am a stone on this one. Grrrrowl! -Ozzie