Ozzie Ausband

William Sharp book project updated

Steve Picciolo in Pacific Palisades. Stacy Peralta at the Corral pool. Jerry Valdez at the Cage Bowl. Brad Bowman at the Fishbowl. Images. Slices of life. An epic time of discovery and hubris. Pioneers. The unknown… it would never be the same. Bill Sharp and I went through pool slides all day. Our arms and eyes hurt after a few hours. We laughed like small children. Giddy. Inspired. The book is taking shape.

Jerry Valdez in classic form. rock-n-roll

I rode on Monday with Jerry Valdez, Jay Smith, George Orton and Angelo. It could not have been more perfect. Jerry threw up rock-n-rolls, George laid into the coping like he was on his first date and Jay Smith tucked it back. Epic days ahead…  Life. Beauty. History and all that comes with it. Interviews for the book have begun. Thanks to Sharpy for the images. Skate- Ozzie