Ozzie Ausband

Blue Lip


She sat there in the sun. Sullen. Blue lipped and alone. She was emptiness and nothing I could do would change that fact. It just was. Round of hip and flawlessly skinned. Smooth and perfect. She was once very different. Glistening. A harbor for family fun. Her arms welcomed them all… a cool place to spend time.


I saw her then. Springtime. A dark pallor had crossed her face. She was abandoned and left alone. In her solitude, she stagnated. I made a mental note to get by and see her. I’d give her love and companionship. It wasn’t to be. Life called. I forgot her in her decay and isolation. Months flew by. The sky moves fast at this time of year…  I remembered. I drove by and came calling. Walk up. A peek through a curtained window. She has a new lover now. He gave her all the attention that I could not. I can only think  ”What if…?”  -  Ozzie