Ozzie Ausband

Rodney Mullen and Stacy Peralta

Rodney Mullen & Stacy Peralta - Sundance

Sundance Film Festival is going off! Stacy Peralta and The Bones Brigade documentary are proving to be the critics darlings…  Although he is known as the iconic freestyle master, Rodney Mullen actually rode vertical when he could. I have been sitting on this image for about three years. Jim Goodrich told me that Rodney made him swear not to publish it at the time. His parents didn’t want Rodney ripping the round wall. I think that the moment is perfect to post it up. The other image is an old one from Upland before the Combi pool was put in. Stacy was one of the first riders to pull lipslides in the bowl. His lapper can be seen in the photograph. They are up in Utah and I am sending them some positive vibes and love. Thanks to Lance Mountain & Jim Goodrich for the images. Skate- Ozzie

Rodney Mullen - FS grind at Gainesville -1979

Stacy Peralta at Upland - 1977