Ozzie Ausband

Taking us back.

Sometimes in life, there is no going back. Did you ever notice that? There are some things that you can never take back. Words we say, things we do, people we lose….you can’t go back. Luckily, we have skateboarding. Some things remain timeless. Like this image of Shogo Kubo. Look closely at the banners in the background. Look at the style. Look at the pool, tiles & coping. Look at the times. Shogo Kubo is timeless. When I see images like this, it takes me back to a better time. A time of no responsibility, no worry, no headaches, no money or girl issues. It was a time of skateboarding & pure fun. Thanks to Jim Goodrich for providing the image at ‘Skatepark Victoria’ in Milpitas, Ca. Skate-Ozzie