Ozzie Ausband

Los Angeles

I just left Long Beach this morning. I was staying at Ray’s house last night. The sky is overcast. The freeways are dirty and gray. Traffic was minimal & I arrived in Los Angeles pretty quickly. I am meeting up with TA and we are hitting a Men’s AA meeting and then going skating together. On the drive up, I saw poverty and decadence. Cities are the same everywhere…  Under a filthy concrete overpass by Silverlake, I saw a man squatting in an overgrown lot. There were broken abandoned cars around and trash was everywhere. He was grimy looking. He squatted there only a few feet from the road just going to the bathroom…  oblivious and unconcerned. I shook my head and drove on. People trip me out…

On a better note, after the meeting, TA and I are going to skate in Malibu. I am reminded of a trip that Chris Livingston took a few years back. He came and visited me and we ended up riding the Malibu bowl with Dave Hackett on his birthday. I looked through a few images and found some of Livi ripping it up. Have a good weekend. Thanks to MRZ for the images. Skate- Ozzie