Ozzie Ausband

CCC - faces to the sun

Omar Hassan- sharkbait to fakie

Thursday. The sun burned hot. Why shouldn’t it? It cared little for the comings and goings of humanity. It raged in space, a molten thing. One couldn’t get close. It let no one in. It was a thing of death… and life. Without the sun, the world would be bleak and cold. There would be no Converse. There would be no contests, no skating, no love. Just survival. Yesterday I saw quite a bit of survival going on at the CCC ramp complex. The heavy hitters were on the deck en masse and things became pretty dicey. Robbie Russo, Al Partanen, Al Brunelle, Curren Caples, Kevin Kowalski, Omar Hassan and others were under the hot sun and turning up the heat regardless.

Curren Caples - lien melon

Robbie Russo - cradle crail

The riders were working through the differences in the ramp structure, obstacle placement, lines, tricks and jitters. The grandstands surrounding the bowl were filled with beach goers, families and young ladies in bikinis. It was difficult for most not to look up and become distracted. I saw a few things go down. Omar Hassan pulled fastplants to fakie on the shark tower.  Ben Hatchell pulled blunt to fakie on the cradle. Al Brunelle  did a FS Feeble through the cradle and everyone was on their A-Game.

Al Partanen- Gosh!

Tom Remillard hit Brian Schaffer’s leg… and just kept going. Not a care in the world.

Today will be another day of absurdity, mayhem and first rate fun. I’ll be there on the deck along with everyone else. We’ll have our faces to the sun. Thanks to Arto Saari for the images. Skate- Ozzie