Ozzie Ausband

Vanco II

Salba found Vanco II in 2009. The house was at the trash-littered bend of a twisting neighborhood street, just off the 210 freeway. Boarded up. Despair. Fate and a wrecked economy sent these folks scrambling into the unknown distance. Mattresses and clothing lay scattered about. Old tires. Old dreams. Both just as useless. We rode it for a few weeks. The neighbors actually were pretty cool to us once they got over their initial suspicion.


Tony Farmer - loveseat

The neighborhood moved into the future slowly. Paint was applied. Lawns refurbished. Moving trucks rumbled the sleepy streets. One day I drove over and was surprised to see work trucks in the driveway. The plywood was off the windows and people scurried in and out of the property. I pulled to the side and watched the activity. Through the front door– which was open – I could see workers cleaning and painting. The pool was being upgraded… I felt a twinge of sadness and hope at the same time. We lost a good pool but maybe the future would be a better place for people to live. No more wars and lies. No more economic down turns. No more political bullying and deceit. I shifted the truck into gear and smirked. I was hopeful…  but I wasn’t betting on it. Thanks to Zach Petschek for the images. Skate- Ozzie

Badlands Chris, Salba, Twelve, Billy and me. Image: Burger