Ozzie Ausband


I moved to San Diego in 1997. I had already visited California several times a year & ridden with Salba & friends for quite some time. I was in California less than a month, when one day, I drove up to Ontario/Upland to visit Salba. He was watching his two sons, Jesse & Riley. Riley was a tiny guy at the time. Salba asked me if I wanted to go drive the grid awhile with one of his friends until he could get away. I -of course- readily agreed.

A guy showed up to Salbas house a bit later. He was driving a huge white tow truck. He gave me a quick glance & told me, “I’m Bunk. Climb in.” We drove the neighborhoods & alleys of Upland, Montclair & Ontario. The entire time, Bunk informed me of tips to spot pools, what to look for & the rules of the game. He nosed the big truck into a narrow alley in a shithole neighborhood just north of the I-10. Broken, rusting automobiles, tires, beer cans, glass & discarded furniture lay everywhere. Spray painted gang signs called out to trespassers, “Stay the hell away!”

Bunk grinned & told me to get out & climb up on the back. “Get up there dude.” He directed me up on the big black boom arm that usually tows cars. I squatted on the thing & Bunk dropped the truck into low gear. We oozed up the alleyway, the big tires crunching over refuse & trash, while I spotted for pools from my lofty perch. We saw eight or nine, if I recall, and Bunk had me shoot images for Salbas review later, He noted street names, cross streets & landmarks. It was one of my first pool hunting lessons & I will never forget my pool hunt with Bunk…in his tow truck.

Awhile into the search, his CB radio squawked & he motioned that it was time to go. A stranded motorist needed help. Bunk proved a big help to me as well. What I learned that day, has led me to find many pools on my own. This image that Ray Zimmerman shot, is of Bunk at one of my pool finds. Good vibes always come back. Bunk sent one out & there we are. Skate-Ozzie