Ozzie Ausband

another day in paradise

Wesley Trbovich- BS at Arto's

My friends Angelo, Wesley and Chris asked me to come skate the Clover today. We decided to see if we could get a session in at Arto’s as well. We hit up Arto and the answer was “Hell yeah!” We met at noon or so and commenced a full scale pool session. Wesley’s pal - Matt Hardinbrook-came along and rode his first pool in years.

Matt Hardinbrook

It was a stellar time. We then drove through Los Angeles traffic. The dirty sunlight glared angrily off of all the cars and people were driving like idiots. Relax people! We ended up at the Clover and our good friend Angelo rode for the first time in three weeks. He is recovering from fractured ribs. It was great to see him back on board.

Angelo- down but never out

Junior- he licked my face and dropped down on the deck.... oblivious.

We all posted up, ate some great food and watched the sunset poolside. I took some photographs of the crew and commented for the millionth time “ How lucky are we?!”

Chris Trbovich

Wesley Trbovich- shallow sunset grind

Have a good night…  we are. Skate- Ozzie, Angelo, Wesley and Chris

Wesley, Chris and I... Angelo's