Ozzie Ausband

Logan Earth Ski line unveiled.

Tony Alva goes back to Revere and his roots on the Logan Earth Ski Torger model.

Saturday. I stopped in Hollywood and met up with TA, Wesley and Arto. We had things to do. TA grew up skating at the Paul Revere schoolyard banks and it was where we were headed. Aerial Action Sports is releasing the Logan Earth Ski line this coming Sunday. The Logan family has been involved since the beginning and Bruce, Brian, Brad and Robin Logan are really excited about the upcoming release. Back in the 1970’s, the Logan name was synonymous with radical skateboarding and quality products. Aerial has reproduced the Bruce Logan, Torger Johnson and the slalom models. I gave one of the Torger completes to Tony and asked if  I could get a few photographs of him. “Revere” was all he said. I smiled. I knew exactly what he meant.


After meeting together in Hollywood, we drove over to Revere. It is a mythical place. A long wire fence wrapped the place tight and within the fences, the descending black ribbon of banked asphalt looked inviting. It cried out… “Come and ride.” TA walked up tight along the fence line. We followed. He kept up a running dialogue on past missions, sessions and dodging authority. We smiled. At one end, we pushed on a chained gate and slipped inside between the wires.

stories and memories

TA quickly flowed like water through the place. Berts, high-speed drifters and cut backs proved that he’d been here before. We took a few photographs and were soon gone into the afternoon sun. The schoolyard fell silent once again. The trees looked on. Quiet sentinels to a stylish start and an enduring classic spot. This Sunday at noon, we will gather in Vista and the Logan family will be there to sign posters and visit with old friends. We ask that you come by and see us. Thank you to TA and thank you to Arto Saari for the images. Skate- Ozzie