Ozzie Ausband

I wanna live in your house...

Ridiculous. It is a pretty awesome place to live. In the summer it gets hot enough to bake a mans brain in its pan. In the winter the wind howls and one rain storm can fill the pool up to the hip. Being as Big Bear is visible in the nearby distance, it gets downright cold at night. The skies are dark and dreamy. Stars sparkle in the cold night above the pool. We fire up the heater, the fireplace, coffee pot and the stereo. We invite a few pool pals.

Last night we hosted the entire Riverside crew… We also invited Torchia but he couldn’t get here in time. Michael cooked up a few things on the grill, I made a pot of rice & beans and the session grew heated. Chachi, Alex, Ripperside Shawn, Gomez, KB, Nick and his son - Skylar, Michael and I all rode together. We laughed a bunch. I was reminded of that song by Steel Pulse. He sings- “I wanna live in your house….” Yeah! I am happy to be able to have good positive people over to skate. Thanks to KB for the images. Skate- Ozzie