Ozzie Ausband

Lasekland / Last Stand

Lasekland R.I.P.

I need to live life Like some people never will So find me kindness Find me beauty Find me truth - Portnoy

Lasekland. Some have called it the worlds biggest vert ramp. Others have spoken of it in awe. Still others wonder what strange Gods would build such a thing and to what purpose. “Surely a mind of madness would be responsible for such a monstrosity.” No such thing. Bucky Lasek willed it into being several years ago…  the answer to his need for large transitions, bowled corners and the comforts of having such a thing in his own backyard.

Bowl Lord and Master Bucky Lasek

Lasekland has hosted sessions, BBQ’s, parties and more than a few skateboarders have walked up the dusty hill, only to take one look and walk back down it, never to take one run. Lasekland was intimidating. Yes, I said Lasekland WAS… past tense. Bucky sold his house and the keys turned over to the new owner yesterday afternoon at five. FINI. I think back over the sessions I’ve witnessed. The kindness of the people there. Bucky and his friends were always hospitable and stoked. The vibes were always good. Forever etched : the beauty of Bucky floating huge ollie to fakies through the corner and Chris Miller with his freight train line that stuck him about ten feet above the deck frontside into the far corner… majestic. Peter Hewitt, completely out of control, yet somehow not.

Darren Jenkins

Peter Hewitt

Scott Taylor

Zach Miller

There were so many good things to see in any session. The bowl made you up your game. One had to ride it with authority and power. It made everyone that rode it, a better skateboarder. That is its truth and that truth is now gone. Bucky gave so much to skateboarders and skateboarding itself. The BBQ parties with giveaways, raffles, food and fun. What a spectacle. The charity food drive to help others. The constant elevation of the bowl riding game itself… We owe him and his family a collective “Thank you”. Thank you to William Sharp for the images. Skate - Ozzie