Ozzie Ausband

Hawks over San Bernardino

Tony Hawk hovering over San Bernardino

”… and the book will tell the story.”

October 19, 2012. Rain drops from the clouds. Afternoon faded and evening crawled down the hillsides like a bad omen… I peered out of my windows and muttered to myself. There isn’t much one can do when at the mercy of the heavens. I sat back down and opened up my book again. ‘The Trial’ by Franz Kafka. I surmised that life is much like the story. One never really becomes acquainted with the original reason for things that occur. Things just happen. I drank Chai tea and thought of the next few days. Tony and Riley Hawk were to come out and skate. “I suppose that we’ll have to wait and see on that.” This was mumbled as I listened to the gutters gurgling outside of my windows.

fait accompli

Done deal. Sunday dawned much the same as any other. Early. Coffee and gratitude. I keep my side of the street clean. There were clouds as far as the eye could see. They were the anchor that kept the storm overhead. I checked the weather reports and sent texts out. Tony, Riley, Fick and Lance wanted to come anyway. They thought it would clear. I contacted Al Brunelle. He was giving it a ‘green light’ as well. It was decided. I went out to the pool and gave it an acid bath as soon as it was light enough. The painted pool can be slippery for some and I didn’t want this to be a factor in someone having a bad session. Doing all that is required. Not resting on excuses. Work. Bunk came and helped me out. It was a good morning. The sun stuck her face through the clouds and smiled on us. The crew arrived in a few hours. It was all-time. We headed towards the Triple Bubble.

Lance, Riley, Rowan and Tony

Lance Mountain- footplant

Riley Hawk- 5-0 deathbox

Tony Hawk- front tailslide

Rowan- lien to tail death

The past is present.

Things grew heated pretty quickly. Rowan threw it all on the line in rapid fashion. He didn’t seem to care and he didn’t play around. Indy to tail, lien to tail, huge ollies and a super fluid style were oozing from him within minutes of his arrival. Gosh! Riley and Tony were riding well and it was great to see them both in a backyard session together. Tony put a back Smith down over the box. Rock-n-rolls and frontside tailslides followed. Riley did the death, made ollies and skated with power and style. Lance was a terror. Fastplants, frontside airs, deathbox grinds and everything else were put down. Through it all, cool stories from their past flowed between Tony and Lance as we all sat on the shallow stairs between runs.


Ridiculous was next. After a quick stop for snacks and beverages, we made it to the house. Bunk had made sure the pool was in super grip-mode and the session began in earnest. Al Brunelle was on hand and quickly took to the sky. Rowan followed suit and Lance backed it all with high airs and inverts. Scott and Shae Cooper came by as well. Scott put in some grind time and Bunk smashed his way through the deathbox like the champ that he is!

Al Brunelle - in flight

Lance- inverted

Scott Cooper

Rowan - frontside grab nosegrind

Bunk- deathbox

In the end… you will believe.

This story is nothing more than a collection of words. There is meaning behind them and I always try to bring you along with us. You can experience the session and the day through my words. Brian Fick allows you to see the vitality and power of the skateboarding through his eyes and images. Photography. The minds eye. In the end, it was a day like so many others. It was also a day unlike any other. Unique in its similarities. The rain held back and the storm clouds crouched on the horizon. Things just happened. Hawks flew over the area and don’t you doubt it for one minute. They were joined by others and the sky looked beautiful all day long. Thank you to the crew for the session and to Brian Fick for the images. Skate- Ozzie