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Pool Pals.

[caption id=“attachment_3221” align=“aligncenter” width=“450” caption=“pool pals-Gonzales pool. 15 Oct 2000. R.I.P. –Mr. Gonzales.”]


doug kinkade, lance mountain, ozzie, josh borden

doug kinkade, lance mountain, ozzie, josh borden.
After my 2000 birthday session at Gonzales pool, Tony Farmer sent me a drawing done by the late Matt Neely. It is of a kidney pool with a palm tree on the hip & has small cartoon figures pointing into the deep end. In the lower corner it says, ‘Pool Pals’. After that session & upon receiving the drawing, I sat & thought about how amazing pool skating is. I didn’t have the privilege of knowing Matt Neely, but I think I understand what drove him. I have been using the term, ‘Pool Pals’ ever since. No matter what you’ve done in our sport, no matter who you are, you must do the work. You must put your time in & help. Pools won’t become empty or cleaned by themselves. Salba states that if outsiders want to come ride Badlands pools, they must help us drain one first. In these images, you will see, Doug Kinkade, Toby Burger, Lance Mountain, Salba & TA among others. All are in the pool, by the drain & working or ‘supervising’. Pool Pals. Down for life. Thanks to Bryce Kanights , Brian Walnum & Peter King for the images- Dedicated to Matt Neely R.I.P.-Skate long- Ozzie

addendum- received email wondering about gonzo grp shot- L-R, Tyco, Farmer, Andy Mac, Bryce Kanights, Me, Mr. G, Rhino, Shaggy, Nick Henderson, Ray Flores, Buster Halterman, Scott Ward, Dave Ferry…and a bunch of others…Thnks.-Ozzie