Ozzie Ausband

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Tony Alva

Last summer, Tony Alva called me up and we got together. We were going over his book project and he asked me if I had a pool that he could do doubles in. I thought about it and asked who he’d be doing doubles with. Who and what will always determine where. That is how things go. He said that Vans was shooting something with him and Elijah Berle. I called around and got something going for us.

Gopa, Ripperside Shawn and yours truly

Elijah Berle

I had Rick Stine, Ripperside Shawn and Gopa come along to round out the session and we met up on the appointed day. Things went well and Elijah and TA put the hammer down for Vans and each other. Any day riding a backyard pool is a good one, but skating on this day, with these two, was pretty fantastic. Thank you to Vans, TA, Elijah and MRZ and Anthony Acosta for the images. Skate and wear Vans- Ozzie