Ozzie Ausband

Jonathan Spooner

Jonathan Spooner - FS Smith deathbox. Image: Arto Saari

Jonathan Spooner once worked for me at the Mission Valley Skate Park in San Diego. We rode a slew of pools, drank too much caffeine, listened to a great deal of speed metal, set up booby traps to keep people from breaking into the park, rode the Vans vert ramp three times a week… and on and on. You get the picture? We are brothers. We’ve been hanging out quite often lately. I rather enjoy his company. Yesterday we hit up Arto’s for the 4th of July. Spooner threw down some super fast Smith grinds over the box and Arto captured this moment in time for us all. Stellar! Thanks to Jonathan for being a good friend and thanks to Arto for the image. Skate… and be good to your friends. - Ozzie