Ozzie Ausband

Luke Moore / Guest Post

Luke Moore
Flashback. This is the only photograph that I have of that ramp. I built the ramp in 1977 and skated it for about two years. This photograph is from the day that Glen shot the images for my Who's Hot in the magazine. Glen stopped by my house with 'Woody' (John Woodstock) and we took a few runs on the ramp and then headed out to south Hampton and skated the pool. All of these years, I knew Glen had some shots of my ramp. At one point,  I was pulling airs two feet out of this ramp with no problem. The ramp was in my back yard in west Hampton and it was close to fifteen feet high and it actually was pushed to over vert. I worked out on that ramp every day.  I think that this is why I was able to get a foot out of the three quarter pipe at Cherry Hill Skate Park on my first time skating there. This brings back great memories.
Thank you to Luke Moore for the memories and Glen E. Friedman for the image. Skate - Ozzie