Ozzie Ausband

these old folks are pretty cool

Z-Boys at Hall of Fame Induction

Jim Muir, Jeff Ho, C.R. Stecyk III, Peggy Oki, TA, Jayboy… there were a whole bunch of badasses in that hallway when this impromptu image was taken. Old folks. Decades of ripping. Most of them barely knew what was happening at the time they did what they did. They just did it. That doing changed so much for so many. I stood to one side and didn’t speak. I watched. I know and have met most of the Z-Boys team by now. It didn’t matter. Seeing them altogether was like a high voltage fence you couldn’t touch. It was safe to stay across the room and watch…. I watched the wrinkles on their faces. I noted the easy friendship and warmth. Bygones. History. I was content to be breathing the same air as these fine people. People that defined who I am. I looked over at my best friend Jim Howell and said, “These old folks are pretty cool!” We just laughed… Skate- Ozzie