Ozzie Ausband

Cleveland--- in requiem.

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cleveland crew[/caption]

scott ward-fs grind

Nilton- fs rock, shallow.

Nilton- fs rock, shallow.
Badlands PoolsCleveland w friends.

Cleveland w friends.
IMG_2182day of discovery...

day of discovery…
thanksgiving day rainoutIMG_2183

thanksgiving day rainout

skate gods are talking to us....



[vimeo 6021168]

It was perfection. On first glance, it appeared tight & tiny…like a pretty Asian dancer…but with far less drama. She had a soft curved hip, that appeared cocked out to the one side. She had a lip; red with mockery and she had a box…dark & foreboding.  She was all things that man wanted & just like love…she didn’t last. We found her squatting there on Cleveland street; amid the ruined splendor of a Christmas past. Twinkle lights were draped around her edges, and a lonely unused Christmas tree stand lay in the dried grass, half -full of stagnant rainwater. It was November 1st.

Through the holidays, as winter rains fell softly on the city, time and again, I found myself drawn to her…alone. I would perch there, on the shallow stairs & pump out the 1-2 foot of recent rainwater…admiring her for her lines;  for what she was. The neighbors knew us & waved when we stopped by, but the realtor wasn’t nearly as forgiving. He threw old motor oil in it, and I bought ‘kitty litter’ and cleaned it out. As all things go, it couldn’t last. I drove over about a month ago with my pool pal-Kyle, and remarked that I thought that it had been about  3 weeks since we last rode there. Nothing could have prepared me for the spectacle I was to see. Cleveland gone!

They gutted her. They tossed her up on the table to- “see what’s inside her!” Horror! They filled her in to eradicate her but all they left was a  void, where beauty once rested.Those who rode her better remember her smooth skin. Salba, Scott Ward, Zask, PK, Rueler, Nilton, Bruno, Billy, Adam 12, Blake, Upland Dan, Spooner, Zach, Mich, Michael Serna, Bunk,  Jimmy Howell, Ralba, Andy, Bulldog,  Cory17, Marlon,  and if I left anyone out…add your name. R.I.P.-Thank you to Peter King, Scott Ward, Salba, Kyle Lightner, & Zach Petschek for the pictures/video. Special thanks to Brandon Wong for helping me w my ineptness. Skate forever….Ozzie