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Gandhi. [/caption]

Hateful impotent dick who should've skated. The world wouldn't have suffered so much.

Hateful impotent dick who should’ve skated. The world wouldn’t have suffered so much.
Half the world believes what the other half invents. I read an interesting quote the other night. It made me think. I was tired and had been reading a book entitled, ‘Hitlers Table Talk’. The text was taken from shorthand notes made at Hitlers ‘Berghof’ home in Berchtesgaden while Hitler entertained his criminal elite at the dinner table. Secretary- Martin Bormann,( that strutting, porcine prick) , wrote it out for ‘posterity’. In it, the psychopathic German god (Der Fuhrer) was spouting his insanity about the Jewish people being responsible for all the known woes of mankind.  He believed, ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ were true, and on-and-on ad nauseum. The man was diabolical. He was a spellbinder. He played on peoples fears & capitalized on others misery. The quote that struck me was as follows. He stated that, “Organized religion is like organized crime. It preys on peoples weakness”.

That may or may not be so. But why did Hitler think that he was right and all others were wrong. I don’t quite understand the way people push their religious & ideological views on others. I see it on Facebook, TV, everywhere. History has proven time and again that subjugating another people & forcing your will upon them does nothing but create havoc & bloodshed. The world is too diverse and there is no ‘pure blood’ race any longer…eugenics is a sad idea in a long history of sad ideas. The only thing that should be separated by color- is laundry. People are the same the world over. Frightened, selfish, longing for love, and also the exact opposite of these at times. We need to let people live & not hate…hate is tearing us apart-double quick. The world is going half the speed of what it takes.

The Hitlers of the world seem to be wrong. History continues to prove it. Gandhi stated that, “An eye for an eye, makes the whole world blind”. In the emptiness behind us, we need to do something. Lets fill it with good stuff….do something cool for somebody today. Tony Alva told me of a quote by Mother Theresa. She said, “If you’re hating someone, you don’t have room to love them”. I will subscribe to the viewpoint of Gandhi & Mother Theresa every time. Skate-Ozzie