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Friends we meet...

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My NorCal pool pal- ‘Theo’ & his pool!

Its funny how I meet people, along the road of life. Skating is pretty neat that way. I recall being at the Combi pool one day & I was there with a few people I didn’t know. One guy was looking strangely familiar though. Once he padded up, put his helmet on & took a run, I recognized him. He was a skater from Cedar Crest steel ramp, back in Virginia. We rode there together…like ten years before! I recognized him when he rode; his style & tricks. It was strange….I have met a few people online through the Blue Tile Obsession-people that share our interest.

My friend ’M’ is a surfer/skater from LA. She has a blog on surfing & found my pool blog through a pal. She likes what I do & the feeling is mutual. She reads great books & writes quite well….I admire those qualities in anyone! She has an empty pool nearby where she lives & when she was younger, would go over & scope it out for skating. ’M’ is currently building a ramp to ride when the surf is flat. Peanut emailed me & sent me photographs of a  bunch of pools he has found.  He shared his story of how his mother was really ill & he would stay with her to help her through it. When he needed to get away & think, the only comfort he found was in driving the grid & finding pools.

I understand completely! A guy from North Carolina- Jim Gallagher, recently emailed me to tell me that he found a slippery pool to ride in Raleigh. He wanted to know how to clean it so he could ride the pool! That was a great email to receive. As is this next one I will tell you about. Theo is a 14 year old skater from the San Jose area. He reads the blog everyday, looking at pool pics & dreams up lines he wants to do. He found a pool near his house. Its all he wants to skate! Pool pals & friends we meet. I love it. Thank you to my friends– ’M’, Mark Peanut Phillips, and Theo Van Bruggen for the images. Keep it up! Skate-Ozzie