Ozzie Ausband

Woe to the vanquished. (vae victis)

Nolan Johnson

In his classic work, ‘Man’s search for meaning’ , Viktor Frankl wrote, “it did not really matter what we expected from life, but rather what life expected from us.” He wrote this pearl of wisdom while contemplating his time in a concentration camp. His point should be applied daily. My worst day cannot possibly be compared to the day-to-day horrors that he suffered through…of this I am certain. However,  there are many days when I wish to pull the covers up over my head & simply keep the world at bay. Instead, I grit my teeth, growl back and roll with it. Its what life expects. When a person changes the way they see the world, they change the world. Thanks to JGrant Brittain for the stellar photograph. Skate Long-Ozzie

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