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Dew Tour Diary - Sergie Ventura

Chris Miller

Sergie Ventura
Do you remember when you were a little grom? Before you would go skate, you would pop in one of those old skate videos of one of the old NSA comps!? Whether it be Del Mar, Upland, Virginia Beach or Terror at Tahoe? Remember watching the guys and getting stoked on things you couldn’t do yet but you wanted to watch the video just to get ideas of what you wanted to try? Well, during the Legends jam, it was exactly that,  but live and direct during the Pantech Beach Championships at the Ocean City Dew Tour!

Lance Mountain

El Gato

Totally feeling like a kid again– along with the rest of old school guys in the crowd – I had the hairs stand up on my arm watching my idols destroy the bowl just like back in the day!
The field consisted of a chosen few including Miller, Cab, Hosoi, Lance, Grosso, Ngoho, Salba, TMag and El Gato.  Different bowl, different situation. There were different elements to deal with but they all ripped and exemplified why they are legends.  Grosso did his long rock slides and 5050’s further than anyone! El Gato did invert reverts and fakie nose blunts at almost 50 yrs old! TMag was ripping as a Lasekland local and representing!

Steve Alba

Jeff Grosso

Salba was rolling in the deep corner like it was nobodies business! Lance skated amazing and was up to his old antics like back in the day!! Ngoho was as smooth as a babies butt with long rockslides around the corner. He also added a variety of airs in the deep end! And Miller…. It was that time again, Miller time! He did the biggest FS airs around the corner and ending his run with the Ollie to truck to boot. The energy was ecstatic! Every one in the crowd was so stoked to see their skate heroes skate live.  If you missed it, you’re only gonna read about it but it will not even be the same feeling. The hairs on my arms were standing up the whole time. - Sergie Ventura


Images: Kanights & Crosland