Ozzie Ausband

Hackett Slash Fest

David Hackett had his fundraiser event at Claremont Skate Park on Saturday. It was packed with a ‘who’s who’ of skateboarding personalities and the entire park was crowded with onlookers. I saw more than a few heavy OG pool riders in attendance. At one point, I looked around and saw Eddie Elguera, Adrian Demain, Jay Adams, Tony Magnusson, George Orton, Salba and others jockeying about on the shallow end deck and taking turns to push the limits of the session. There was a heavy mix of old and new riding together. Josh Borden, Al Brunelle, Josh Stafford and others were there to represent the new age bowl terrorists. The riding was unreal!

Everyone was feeding off the energy & good vibes. They had an obstacle course set up and timed runs. There was a heavy bowl session and a high air contest on the vert ramp. It was an epic day of food, fun and unreal skateboarding for a great cause.

David Hackett is one of our legendary pioneers. He has been an inspiration for many & it was wonderful to see the outpouring of love sent his way. Thanks to everyone involved with sponsoring the event. Thanks to Brandon Wong  and Dan Sparagna for the images. Skate & support your friends- Ozzie