Ozzie Ausband

NFL ... unless you are Greyson Fletcher

Superbowl Sunday. NFL. By the way- that stands for ‘Never Forget your Lines’. We had our kinda, sometimes, periodically, semi-annual Super-bowl session at Ridiculous on Sunday. We had more fun than we should’ve been allowed to have. Funny story. A bunch of years ago, I was dating a girl who had a sister that was married to Buffalo Bills quarterback- Frank Reich. I think it was in 1993. I went to Buffalo for a game with her and the family. The team guys were over at Frank’s house for lunch the day before the game. These guys were monsters. I mean…. huge! I was picking on them & giving them hell about chasing each other around in tights and all…  I asked them what all that ass-grabbing was  about!?  I don’t recall them being as amused as I was… I’m lucky I was in a secure position as the “skater dude” dating Frank’s sister-in-law or I probably would’ve been broken into little pieces! Frank was on it. He made the greatest comeback in the history of the NFL that year.  It was pretty cool watching someone be an MVP. All I know is that I’ve never really cared too much for football before or since.

On Sunday, the usual suspects gathered at Ridiculous. I had gone to the store and bought goodies for a BBQ, acid-bathed the pool and turned Motorhead up on the stereo….  then we went off! Scott Cooper pulled big Indy airs, Cam Dowse was tearing it up, KB, Aaron, Rob, BDWong and a bunch of others were keeping it hyped.

Arto Saari  arrived with Greyson Fletcher and the session became intense.  When most people skate a pool like Ridiculous, there are certain lines they follow. It’s a given. Never forget your lines. If you get off your line, you lose your speed and that is that. Unless you are Greyson Fletcher.  He would fly through the pool at 100 mph, blast a FS Smith, carve through, bottom turn, end up with no speed, throw his legs up on the next wall and hit the hip and continue on as though nothing happened. He found speed and lines that I haven’t really seen done before! It was amazing… He can forget his lines. It doesn’t seem to matter. On game day… he was our MVP.

We had a fun day. Tristan Rennie is probably going to rule the world. He ruled the Combi Am contest the other weekend. On Superbowl Sunday, he did everything and anything that he wanted. His invert reverts were Duane-esque and worthy of the M.O.D. Everyone else cruised fast, had fun and laughed often. As far as teams are concerned…  I’m pretty sure that we won. Thanks to Arto Saari for the B&W images & Brandon Wong for the others. Skate- Ozzie