Ozzie Ausband

Arizona Pipeline


Brad Bowman high in the fly line.

Dust billowed up behind them in a long trailing cloud. Brad Bowman peered into the sun. In the distance, the giant cylindrical pipes began to take shape. They were scattered in a long meandering line across the desert like a strange invention of the Gods. Lost space. They pulled the van to the side. Massive. The pipes rose up from the ground and cast long shadows… otherworldly. The crew climbed out in awe. They all stood still. Eeriness. The quiet of the desert was the loudest sound. Walking around in the dust, they couldn’t believe where they were. Sunspots Wheels had sent them into the desert to find the Holy Grail. Mission accomplished. It would be an all-together different story trying to ride these massive pipes. Deano Mueller, Arthur Viecco, Dan Mackey, and Brad Bowman looked at each other in the dwindling twilight. They smiled knowingly. It was game time. -Ozzie


William Sharp and I are around sixty percent with the current project. Books don’t write themselves. It has been a longer process than we both imagined. Being as we are financing the entire thing and we both have jobs, it has been a bit more time-consuming. It will be worth it. Stoked. I’m looking to speak with Curt Cortum and Greg Ayers. If anyone has contact with these two pipe masters, email me. (bluetileoz@gmail.com) Thanks to William for the image. Skate - Ozzie