Ozzie Ausband

Coping skills.

Anyone that has been reading this useless drivel, will readily see that I have very poor coping skills. Admittedly, I am referring to the ‘life type’ &  not the ‘pool type”, of coping skill. I liken myself to the Paul Hackett photograph by Jim Goodrich. I am constantly rolling through life, and my ‘coping skills’ are the dog…lagging behind in pursuit. They are -forever- unable to help or deal with lifes nightmares, confronting me daily. However, one must try. I remember, when I was a teenager, my parents had a friend named Rick. He watched me bumble & smash through life, from one fiasco to the next. He would simply roll his eyes…like WTF?! I went off to the military & didn’t see Rick for many years. Back in the late 90s, I received my RN to work in the hospital. When Rick heard this, he told my dad dryly, “Oh, he’ll be good at that. I’ve seen him operate before.” It struck me as funny. Anyway, I’m going to operate on ‘positive’ mode all day. Paul Hackett-brother to OG ripper & loop master, Dave Hackett- is no longer with us. Sadly, he passed on years ago. Today, let’s remember one of our own. Paul Hackett. Stay positive & go skate. Thanks to Jim Goodrich for the image & thank you for reading…Ozzie