Ozzie Ausband


sometimes overrated Samwise contemplating a beautiful world Blue Riley Alba Austin- first FS grind in a backyard! Salba Michael Serna Jr. another view of Michael

the crew

A few months ago, Salba dropped this beauty on us. We will call it ‘Blue’. He had found it early in the summer and kept a sharp eye on the property. The pool had been empty but the house lived in. As soon as the people fled into the night, we pounced. Foreclosure. The pool was slippery & it needed a CLR wash down. Once we cleaned it up, the pool turned out to be amazing. We first followed our time-tested rule of 15 minutes. We had three sessions there in as many weekends without a problem. On the fourth session, a guy showed up & caught us unawares. He was with three friends & just asked us to leave. He said that he had bought the house & was moving in the next weekend. We explained that we were just skating, because he acted like he thought we were vandals. He was eyeballing us pretty suspiciously. We took a run or two & they all relaxed & seemed to chill. They even were stoking a bit that we could skate like we did. We left & made it back once more before it was filled with water. Peter King took some of these images & the rest were taken by me on my original recon with Samwise. I hope you like the stoke. Thanks to Peter King for the images. Skate- Ozzie