Ozzie Ausband



Joker’s Skate Shop was broken into and a ton of things stolen. No good. This ass clown needs to be punished. It is a simple fact. Please watch out for skate stuff at yard sales and flea markets/swap meets. The Reuter family are top shelf, super good people…  This is a small local skate shop and it really angers me that they were disrespected in such a fashion. 556939_10151332896976071_486986354_n

Corey Reuter- “We were was broken into last night by 2 kids in a white car. Be on the look out in Huntington Beach area for Someone with a lot of extra skate product and shirts. 714-962-8429. at Jokers Skate Shop.”

If anyone knows anything, let the police or the Reuter’s know. If you help catch this scumbag,  I’ll throw in a free BBQ session at Ridiculous for all of your friends! Ozzie