Ozzie Ausband


Life continues to throw roadblocks & obstacles in my way. Sometimes, I want to get a ‘rocket launcher’ and have a ‘clarification’ session! I guess I shouldn’t try to do the wrong thing. I haven’t had the practice –lately. Regardless, I just wish things would go right for a change. My cell phone was caught by a flying board on New Years day & the screen was cracked. I cannot get texts or see anything…but it receives calls. Today, it stopped functioning altogether after I dropped it in water….imagine that! Currently, I’m too broke to purchase a new one. I need to pay rent, buy food and– basically– keep a pulse in my body…ugh! To quote Bruce Lee– again– “Turn a stumbling block, into a stepping stone.” So it goes, on & on… Thanks to Jim Goodrich for the image of Eddie @ the ‘Obstacle’ pool. It seems that Eddie found a way around things, so I guess I will too. I’m done whining. Skate & overcome. Ozzie