Ozzie Ausband

Vans Am

Tristan Rennie- 1st Place 14+ Division

Tristan Rennie- 1st Place. Over 14 Division

Yesterday the Vans AM contest was held at the Block in Orange, California. World Cup pulled off another seamless event. The young guns were ripping, new lines were in abundance and several new faces were seen in this years lineup. At one time, the only skaters riding the Combi pool were all over thirty five years old. The only moment one would see a young rider in the bowl, was when they would be sliding down the transitions on their butts or horsing around. Much has changed. A new crop of bowl terrorists are being forged and the future of bowl riding seems to once again be in capable hands. It is comforting to see…

Corey Juneau

Corey Juneau- 1st Place. Under 14 Division

Corey Juneau was on a tear in the under 14 Division. He rode super well and stayed on everything. He ended the day in 1st place. Tristan Rennie was a bomb dropped from the sky. Every run was explosive and could be felt throughout the building. He lit the crowd up and never stopped from start to finish. Tristan ended his day holding the crown in the over 14 Division. It was a stellar day of AM ripping and I saw more than a few grizzled older skaters nodding with satisfaction. The future is indeed a bright place. Thanks to MRZ for the images. Skate- Ozzie