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Ray Bones Rodriguez - Guest Post

Ray Bones Rodriguez

Ray Bones Rodriguez

“I was 14 years old and riding Skatepark Paramount. At the time, I was riding Powell Quicksilver boards. They were made with an aluminum skin and wood inside. One day I fell and my board flew 30 feet or so into the air. It came down on the tail and it just splintered and cracked. I let Powell know and they got on it pretty quickly but meanwhile, I ran into Tony Alva at Lakewood. He gave me this Alva deck and I put it together and rode it as I hadn’t received a deck from Powell yet. Back then, TA was always seen riding Dogtown boards and I was always stoked on the legends of that time: Alva, Stacy and Dogtown. All of the sudden– the best guy - Tony Alva- was riding his own Alva decks. For him to come up and give me one to ride was …. amazing! This shot was taken shortly after TA gave me the deck. I am coming back up the half pipe at Skatepark Paramount and Glen E. Friedman took the photograph. Back then, I didn’t really know too much about sponsors and the right and wrong of riding an Alva board…  it was probably frowned upon but there it is.“- Ray Bones Rodriguez

Powell Quicksilver advertisement

Ray Bones Rodriguez of 'Manic Hispanic'

Special thanks to Glen E. Friedman for the image and thank you to Ray Bones for the memories. Skate- Ozzie