Ozzie Ausband

Doug Lejeune and Randy Muller

Wong, Devine, Lejeune, Muller and Burke

The pool skating community is a pretty neat thing. Most of it, that is. There are guys that talk, posture and spit venom. “If I catch anyone in MY pools, I’m gonna snap!” etc etc. As if those pools actually belong to them anyway. Unless the pool skater is the bank, mortgage company or rightful owner… I say, “Quiet yourself!” Such an absurdity should remain unspoken. By its very nature, what we do is illegal, non-territorial and pretty gnarly. The last thing any of us needs is a petty squabble about who’s pool is who’s. I understand how skaters become possessive though. I have a few permissions and if someone were to start barging those, I would take offense. I would probably deal with it in the strongest manner I am capable of. However, the ones just sitting around forever…  have fun.That is what its about anyway. Hell, I can’t get people to drive out to Ridiculous sometimes for a free session and a BBQ. I doubt skaters are going to be stomping all over trying to ride some janky hole down the street! Doug Lejeune and Randy Muller are pool pals from the community. They are super cool, fun, appreciative and they visited for a few days. I had never met them in person. I emailed back and forth through the BTO and knew that they were friends with my friends… and so it went. We drove into the hot heat of Palm Springs. Brandon & Cam had found a little butterbean during the Coachella event a few weeks earlier.


We hopped the wall and proceeded to get soulful. It was already cooking outside. High 90’s. Doug put his trucks on, Randy flew past the deathbox and everyone was having a blast. Then, I heard a loud voice. “Stop! Come here. All of you!” Police. I cautioned the others to silence and politeness. I talked to the police as I always do. I explained our presence. Glib. I made sense and was open. They smiled and told us to leave. We were gone.

curbside view- the only heat that must be beat

Doug- feeling it it out

Randy- FS Death in his 'Search for Animal Chin'

We stopped at a local store to buy drinks and things. The neighborhoods had become tattered and torn. Everywhere I looked, I saw despair. People had lost their sense of wonder. Struggles. Survival. Last house on the block. We continued east as the thermometer climbed into the 100’s. Pigeon pool. We asked and received. Dog crap, flies, dust, dirt and heat. Old plaster welcomed us. Smooth bullnose coping beckoned. We were friends, we drank, we skated… it was perfection.

pigeon's view of the pigeon

Randy- handy with the feeble

Doug- BS Bob Barker

Brandon Wong

Kevin Burke - FS 5-0 wedding cake

Thanks to the crew for being you. Thanks to Jake Devine & Cam for the lookout. Thanks to the police for understanding. Skate- Ozzie